About Us

Founded in October 2017, Volt Lines is a subscription based transportation service for employees of corporate companies in Istanbul. Like Netflix or Spotify, having a Volt Lines account means unlimited access and travel to all the vehicles in the Volt Lines’ transportation network to and from work.

1,000,000 people

Uses transportation service every day In Istanbul.

50.000 transportation vehicles

Carries employees every day in Istanbul.


The average occupancy rate of these service vehicles.

We want to be an alternative transportation service and transportation network by making transportation vehicles that are not even close to being full, intelligent, more efficient and dynamic. 

Our ultimate goal is to reach passengers who want to be involved in the Volt Lines network instead of owning a car.

Some of Our Customers

Some of our Investors

Middle East Venture Partners

Hedef Filo

Dubai Angel Investors

Our office is in Maslak.
If you’d like to work with us, we’d love to meet you.