What is Volt Lines?

Volt Lines, which undertakes the transportation operations of the companies, reduces the workload of the driver, passenger and employer with its self-learning technology and shortens the time spent in traffic with the transportation network it has built.


What makes us different?

We are innovative in the transportation service sector with our approach towards drivers and operational quality. We are building a transportation network where you can generate more revenue using our mobile app.


No deductions

We do not cut payments. Thanks to our technological infrastructure, the amount of your invoice is equal to the amount we pay to our drivers.


There are rewards

At Volt Lines, our drivers earn above the industry average, as well as extra fees per passenger.


Payments are made just in time

We care about our drivers and their families. Therefore, payments at Volt Lines are made on time without delay.

Group 102

No obligation to buy fuel

Unlike other employee transportation companies, we do not require the purchase of fuel.

Our Clients


We know your needs very well.

Our founder Ali is a driver’s child. We know the needs of our drivers very well and apply a pricing policy above the industry average.

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Some photos from our fleet and operations, activities and training with our drivers.

Join Volt Lines now!

Join a work environment where drivers are valued and are support with trainings.

What our drivers think of us:

Salih Doğan

“We receive payments right on time, and we make additional profits using the app with the leaderboard game…”

Batıkan Kara

“Thanks to the app, my daily work gets easier, Volt Lines deals with requests from passengers…”

Our technology is produced in Turkey by Turkish engineers.

Volt Lines’ new generation technology and powerful transportation operation have emerged from Turkey and are being carried out in Turkey.


How do we work?

We make the life of our drivers easier with our technological infrastructure and strong operation arm.


We manage passenger requests.

We manage our customers, we offer you the opportunity to focus only on your journey.


We never lost customers.

We continue on our way with all of our customers who decide to work with us, offering our drivers a stable working environment.


We do smart routing.

We create the most efficient routes for you with our self-learning routing algorithm.


We have safe driving tracking.

We measure and record all information about your driving experience on all journeys with Volt Lines Driver app.


How can you be involved in Volt Lines system?

Volt Lines sürücülerinin ayrıcalıklı dünyasına katılmak ve personel servisinde yeniliğin öncüsü olmak için adımlar şunlar:


Visit voltlines.com and fill out the form and leave your details

Half of the first step is done! Fill out our Become a Driver form and give us the most basic information we need.


Let us call you and make a preliminary interview

With the information you fill in the form, we will contact you and make a phone call.


After our face-to-face interview, download the app and complete the paperwork, you'll be with Volt Lines.

After completing our face-to-face interview, download the Volt Lines Driver app, complete your official paperwork and join Volt Lines driver network!

What are the conditions for being a driver?

Requirements to become a driver in our system are as follows:

Being able to use a smartphone,
If you have a vehicle, the year of manufacture is 2013 or later,
Completion of documents required by IBB and UKOME standards through Volt Lines Driver application before starting work.

Do you have other questions?

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Let’s get in touch.

+90 212 963 24 74

Our subscription model works on a per employee basis and not per vehicle. For that reason, we guarantee the transportation service of all your employees regardless of the number of people per bus; even if we had to operate one vehicle for that.

Each company in our network will have vehicles for their departure time. As more companies with different working hours join, employees of all companies start seeing flexible departure hours. For example, if your company leaves at 17:30 in the evening, your employees will start seeing 17:30, 18:00, 18:30 departure times as the Volt Lines network in your district.

The exact opposite is true. Our service level agreement guarantees that the average meters walked, average minutes spent in traffic, and average detour rate will always decrease for your company over time. Think of the Volt Lines network as a network of express lines going from one residential district to one business district, and thus spending much less time in traffic. See our Quality Policy for more details.