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Founded on October of 2017, Volt Lines is a subscription-based transportation service available for corporate users in Istanbul. Just like Netflix and Spotify, an account on Volt Lines gives its user access to unlimited rides on Volt Lines buses during commute hours from Monday to Friday.

Open Positions
1.000.000 people
use shuttle buses in Istanbul every day.
50.000 buses
Carrying employees in Istanbul every day.
Average occupancy rate on these vehicles

Making shuttle buses smarter, more efficient and dynamic can create an alternative transportation network that can replace even car ownership.

Our Customers

Together with our innovation loving customers, we're creating a better commute experience for a more sustainable future.

Some of Our Backers

Achieving the vision of efficient and sustainable smart transport could've never been possible without the support of our forward thinking investors.

Middle East Venture Partners

Hedef Filo

Dubai Angel Investors

Volt Lines on Press

Our office is at Maslak.
Say hi if you're around and let us know if you'd like to work with us.

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