You can neutralize the time we spent in traffic.

We’re looking for teammates to join us to shape the future of urban transportation using the latest technologies.


Objective Oriented Work

Use your talents to make the lives of large masses easier by doing meaningful work.


Growth Opportunities

It’s important to be on the right team at the right time. Both our team and our business are growing rapidly, and you can improve yourself by being involved.


Central Location

Our office is in Maslak, but since you will have free access to all Volt Lines services, we are central wherever we are.
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What are we doing?

More than 50,000 transportation vehicles operate with 9% efficiency in Istanbul. These transportation vehicles, which contribute to the traffic of the city with their empty seats, can also be vehicles that end this problem.

Volt Lines is a subscribed based transportation service for employees of corporate companies in Istanbul. Like Netflix or Spotify, having a Volt Lines account gives you unlimited access and travel to all service vehicles in Volt Lines’ transportation network.

Currently, we provide transportation services to corporate companies from Monday to Friday.

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How the Process Works

In this short phone interview, we ask a few questions to get to know you, and we answer your questions about your position or about us.

Afterwards, we meet face to face and get more information about you and tell you about Volt Lines from our perspective.

This step is to demonstrate your professional competence as well as your social skills. For this, we share an exercise with you, or we want you to complete this exercise in real time.

If you get a positive result from the technical interview, we want you to meet the team and/or team leader you will be involved in and hear the job on the factory floor.

If everything goes well so far, we will prepare our offer and share details such as benefits and stock options face-to-face.

Our Vision

We see empty seats in traffic as both a problem and a solution. We want to be an alternative transportation network by making transportation service vehicles that are not even close to full, intelligent, more efficient and dynamic. Our ultimate goal is to reach passengers who want to be involved in the Volt Lines network instead of owning a car.

Here are our plans for the next 10 years:

Short Term (1-3 Years): To include as many corporate companies as possible in the Volt Lines network.
Medium Term (4-7 Years): Adding a on-demand and real-time transportation service to the existing system, including the end user.
Long Term (8-10 Years): Save the planet with electric and driverless service vehicles!

Our Investors

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Middle East Venture Partners

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Hedef Filo

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Dubai Angel Investors

Volt Lines in Press

Why should you join us?

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Young, Dynamic Team

A dynamic and fast team and working environment that will give you the opportunity to increase your productivity day by day

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Monthly Events

In-office happy hours, team talk and training

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Target Partnership

Access to stock options and target partnership by being in the skeleton crew of a product that always wants to survive

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Educational Contributions

Additional annual budget and motivation support for training and seminars you want to devote time but you never could

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Competitive Salary

The luxury of not thinking about the bill in cold weather with salaries above average salaries

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Side Benefits

SSI, Sodexo food card, 20 days annual leave from the first year and private health insurance to be applied from the 3rd month

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