Technological infrastructure, powerful operation.

Volt Lines undertakes the personnel transportation of the companies and increases efficiency by reducing the workload of both the employer, the passenger and the driver, thanks to its learning technology, and also increases the efficiency of the employer, the passenger and the driver; reduces time spent in traffic with the transport network it has built.

How do we work?


We Care About Operational Quality

We constantly increase the number of self-owned vehicles. While doing so, we care to choose the most comfortable brands and models. Thanks to our agreements with many suppliers, we are constantly getting closer to the best service, thanks to our field visits, quality controls and driver training; our quality standards are continuously maintained and we take measures by monitoring daily operational disruptions with the management screens we prepare.


We Are Continuously Developing Our Digital Products

With our Passenger and Driver mobile apps, we make all the details of the employee service easily viewable. We are continuously developing our Employer Web application to keep our employers informed about everything that is happening. By improving our technology of route and becoming a transportation network, we work to ensure that our passengers get to their destination in the fastest and safest way.

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We Are Always Tracking Your Safety

Thanks to our safe driving tracking technology, we can track sharp brakes and accelerations of our drivers on the road, or the usage of phone while driving. With the boarding pass feature that we offer to our passengers, we ensure that everyone in the vehicle is included. Thanks to our seat belt warnings and declaration capability, we track and report the belt-wearing habits of trips.


We are Data Focused and Transparent

Thanks to our routing algorithm, we can choose the most optimal result by relying on data, not on feelings. Every morning, all data from the drivers we have acquired about your experience to the approved official documents, points that our passengers give to our drivers, to late routes when the operation is finished, we share it with you through our detailed report.

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FS&RE Turkey Leader & Safety Coordinator

Volt Lines is developing its technology every day and provides a reliable service. Volt Lines team is able to take fast action and create solutions on issues such as suggestions and complaints.

Gelecek Varlık Yönetimi A.Ş

Deputy Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs

Volt Lines offers a transportation experience intertwined with technology. When planning, all the information and documents we need are pre-shared, and many of the processes that have previously handled manually are automated thanks to their in-house technology.


Human Resources Assistant Specialist

Thanks to our seat-based subscription system, Volt Lines provides a price advantage over other employee transportation companies. As more companies join, Volt Lines’ smart transportation network gets better.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Volt Lines

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Our subscription model works on a per employee basis and not per vehicle. For that reason, we guarantee the transportation service of all your employees regardless of the number of people per bus; even if we had to operate one vehicle for that.

Each company in our network will have vehicles for their departure time. As more companies with different working hours join, employees of all companies start seeing flexible departure hours. For example, if your company leaves at 17:30 in the evening, your employees will start seeing 17:30, 18:00, 18:30 departure times as the Volt Lines network in your district.

The exact opposite is true. Our service level agreement guarantees that the average meters walked, average minutes spent in traffic, and average detour rate will always decrease for your company over time. Think of the Volt Lines network as a network of express lines going from one residential district to one business district, and thus spending much less time in traffic. See our Quality Policy for more details.